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JFK Blvd. Over 21st, 22nd and 23rd Streets (SR 3037 Section JFK) Preliminary and Final Design

Philadelphia, PA

Surveying / Mapping and Right-of-Way, Geotechnical, HD Laser Scanning

Project Owner: 
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Engineering District 6-0

The project involves superstructure replacements of three bridges on JFK Boulevard (SR 3037) over 21st, 22nd and 23rd Streets.

Susquehanna Civil, Inc. has been performing the following activities:

  • Topographic survey work for the entire project, including HD Laser Scanning
  • Right-of-way investigations and plans
  • Geotechnical engineering including providing soil parameters for existing abutments.  Engineering included stabilization plan for four wingwalls and one retaining wall.
  • Pavement Design
  • On-site monitoring during construction of jet grouting process new to District 6-0

Susquehanna Civil Agreement Amount: $430,014

Sumneytown Pike/PA 309 Connector Project (SR 1058 Sections HAT & HT2)

Montgomery and Bucks County, PA

Services Requested:
Surveying / Mapping and Right-of-Way | Geotechnical | Transportation

Project Owner:
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation – Engineering District 6-0

The Sumneytown Pike/PA 309 Connector Project (SR 1058, Sections HAT & HT2) is located in a (5)-mile corridor running east to west through five townships in Montgomery and Bucks Counties, Pennsylvania. The purpose of the project is to provide a connection from Sumneytown Pike just north of the PA Turnpike’s Lansdale Interchange to PA 309 to relieve existing and projected traffic congestion.

For SR 1058 Section HAT, Susquehanna Civil Inc. has been performing field surveys, geotechnical engineering, and preparing R/W plans for the proposed PA 309 connector from Summeytown Pike to SR 0309 in Montgomery and Bucks Counties, PA. 

Susquehanna Civil Contract: $1,957,427

I-83 Exit 4 Improvements (SR 0083 SECTION 074)

Shrewsbury Township, York County, PA

Services Requested:
Surveying and Mapping & Right-of-Way | Structure | Transportation

Project Owner:
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Engineering District 8-0

Interstate 83 Exit 4 is an existing diamond configuration interchange with signals located at the ramp intersections with PA 851.  Due to the growth of the Shrewsbury area, congestion is experienced at the interchange during peak periods, and traffic exiting I-83 northbound and southbound backs up onto I-83.  The existing bridge carrying I-83 over Route 851 is structurally deficient.  The project will replace the existing I-83 bridge with a two-span structure that will accommodate the additional lanes on PA 851 and possible future widening of I-83.  The project will also implement a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) and lengthen the I-83 northbound and southbound on and off interchange ramps.

As Part of the Gannett Fleming team, Susquehanna Civil is responsible for the following preliminary and final design tasks:

Susquehanna Civil Contract:  $399,243

Lafayette Street Transportation Improvements Project

Norristown Borough and Plymouth Township, Montgomery County, PA

Services Requested:
Surveying / Mapping and Right-of-Way

Project Owner:
Montgomery County Planning Commission

Susquehanna Civil (then Pinto Engineering) was originally awarded the preliminary design phase of this project in 2001 as part of the McCormick Taylor design team. The projects entail reconstructing and widening the existing Lafayette Street in Norristown and extend it into Plymouth Township. It will also create a full electronic toll interchange with the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The Lafayette Street Corridor Project will significantly improve access to Norristown and its riverfront, providing a transportation framework that will spur economic development.

The land and boundary survey encompassed approximately 1 linear mile of roadway and rail. Portions of the Pennsylvania Turnpike mainline were surveyed at night. The preliminary right-of-way included approximately (400) properties along the corridor. In 2008 Susquehanna Civil was awarded surveying services for the final design phase of the Lafayette Street extension and interchange with the Pennsylvania Turnpike as part of the McCormick Taylor team.

Susquehanna Civil Contract: $307,070

I-95 Girard Avenue Interchange (SR 0095 Section GIR)

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Engineering District 6-0

The I-95 Girard Avenue Interchange project is the southernmost component of Penn-DOT’s reconstruction of I-95 in Philadelphia. This interchange is an important interface between heavily traveled I-95 and three (3) of Philadelphia’s primary arterials: Girard Avenue, Aramingo Avenue and

Delaware Avenue. The project involves:

The project has since added ITS structures along the corridor.

Susquehanna Civil, Inc. has been performing the following activities:

Susquehanna Civil Contract: $7.4 million

I-95 Bridge Street to Betsy Ross Bridge (SR 0095 SECTION BRI)
Philadelphia, PA

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Engineering District 6-0

I-95 mainline improvements:

At Betsy Ross Bridge/Aramingo Avenue Interchange:

Susquehanna Civil, Inc. has been performing the following activities as the project’s geotechnical engineer:

In 2012, Susquehanna Civil was awarded all remaining field surveying and mapping tasks along with remaining right-of-way investigations and plans for the the Final Design Phase.  This new work includes a portion of the Conrail Delair Branch also used by N.J. Transit.

Susquehanna Civil Contract:  $6.6 million

DCNR Civil/Structural Open End Agreement

SCI is designing a number of projects as prime consultant.  Tasks include Survey, Environmental, Hydrology/Hydraulics, Permitting, Structure Design, Roadway Design, and preparing bid packages.  Projects include:


Philadelphia County, PA
PennDOT District 6-0.

The project will completely cap I-95 in Center City between Walnut St. and Chestnut St. and create a park connecting downtown and the Delaware River waterfront. 

SCI, as subconsultant, is responsible for survey including mobile scanning and mapping, right-of-way investigations and plans, signing and pavement marking plans; erosion and sedimentation control studies, and air quality analysis.

Below is a comparison of the proposed park, shown in an artist’s rendering, and the current structures, shown in a LiDAR point cloud and survey map.

Susquehanna Civil Contract: $887,902.48

Penn Street Bridge Over Schuylkill River Rehabilitation

City of Reading and West Reading Borough, Berks County, PA

Project Owner:
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Engineering District 5-0

Penn Street Bridge over Schuylkill River Rehabilitation (E02384 SR 3422 Section 03B)

Susquehanna Civil’s tasks included surveying and mapping of the bridge, roadways, railroad, and river using HD Laser scanning; preliminary and final right-of-way invesigations and plans, utilities coordination for several providers in along and through the bridge and approaches, railroad and PUC coordination, preliminary signing and pavement marking plans, and traffic data collection.

The Penn Street Bridge (below) was originally constructed in 1913 and serves as the primary gateway to downtown Reading; seeing an average daily traffic volume of nearly 34,000 vehicles traveling over the Schuylkill River, Norfolk Southern Railroad, Schuylkill River Trail, and Front Street.

Susquehanna Civil Contract: $300,938