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DCNR Project Stony Run Road over Pine Creek Completed

Susquehanna Civil’s Stony Run Road over Pine Creek project for the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) involved the replacement of an existing single span timber A-frame truss on stone masonry abutments with a newly designed precast concrete adjacent box beam bridge in Bald Eagle State Forest in Centre County.   The Existing Structure was originally built in 1935 and rehabilitated in 1994. 

Susquehanna Civil’s design included five (5) 48”x17” prestressed concrete composite adjacent box beams on reinforced concrete abutments for the 30’ span across Pine Creek.  Architectural surface treatments were incorporated to give the bridge a more natural look and better integrate the bridge with the surrounding state forest. Susquehanna Civil’s survey and environmental groups guided the design to avoid Wetlands in the area and to minimize the impact of construction on the creek and the surrounding natural areas.  Susquehanna Civil’s hydraulic analysis of the creek aided in ensuring the proposed structure would not inhibit the flow of the creek and reach the maximum lifespan of the proposed structure.  Susquehanna Civil completed the design in 2020 and the bridge was constructed in the summer of 2021.