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I-95 Bridge Street to Betsy Ross Bridge (SR 0095 SECTION BRI)

Philadelphia, PA

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Engineering District 6-0

I-95 mainline improvements:

  • Reconstruction of four through lanes in each direction and widening of the median and shoulders.
  • Reconstruction or repair of 28 northbound and southbound bridges.
  • Construction of northbound and southbound collector-distributor lanes to serve traffic entering and exiting at Aramingo Avenue and the Betsy Ross Bridge.

At Betsy Ross Bridge/Aramingo Avenue Interchange:

  • Build a new road that connects Aramingo Avenue to Adams Avenue.
  • Build new ramps to and from Aramingo Avenue and I-95 and the Betsy Ross Bridge.
  • Build a new off-ramp from I-95 North to Orthodox Street that provides access to Aramingo Avenue.
  • Close the existing on-ramp from Aramingo Avenue to I-95 South.
  • Close the existing off-ramp from I-95 North to Aramingo Avenue.

Susquehanna Civil, Inc. has been performing the following activities as the project’s geotechnical engineer:

  • Geotechnical work such as RSGER’s, administration of boring contracts, core boring inspection, foundation design for all bridges, retaining walls and sign structures.
  • Pavement Design
  • Infiltration Testing

In 2012, Susquehanna Civil was awarded all remaining field surveying and mapping tasks along with remaining right-of-way investigations and plans for the the Final Design Phase.  This new work includes a portion of the Conrail Delair Branch also used by N.J. Transit.

Susquehanna Civil Contract:  $6.6 million